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Battery Types by Application


Starting Batteries: these provide, during a short period of time, large current amounts of energy in order to start the engine and the charging system. These are used in vehicles, heavy machinery, boats and motorcycles. They come in two forms: vented or sealed.

Main functions of starting batteries:
Supply energy to the starting system when starting the engine
Provide additional energy when the energy requirements surpass the system’s capacity
Provide energy to the accessories that require electricity (lights, radio, air conditioning, etc)
    when the engine is turned off
Act as voltage stabilizer of the electric system

Duncan offers the following starting batteries:
Duncan Maintenance Free
Duncan LibertyPlus
Duncan Quattro
Duncan Heavy Duty
Duncan Navigator
Duncan 7D/8V
Duncan Moto

Stationary Batteries (Stand-By): hey act as backup energy sources for equipment and systems when the regular power grid fails. Used in phone services (central offices, outside plants, mobile telephone switching offices and cellsites), emergency lighting systems, computing systems, UPS, emergency and security systems, energy generation systems, among others.

Duncan offers the following stationary battery lines:
Vented stationary batteries (tubular plate)
Sealed stationary batteries (AGM)
Duncan Solar Power

Motive batteries: they provide energy during long periods of time. Once the charge is consumed, batteries are recharged. These batteries are used for forklift trucks, pallet stackers, electric golf cars, among others.

Duncan offers the following motive batteries:
Duncan Golf
Motive batteries