Stationary Vented Batteries

Tubular plate vented batteries for backup power in applications such as UPS, telecommunications, standby, power stations and substations. These batteries can also be used in medical equipment, emergency lighting, emergency systems, alarm systems and oil facilities.


- Vented with positive tubular plate that comes in two presentations: 6 volt presentation with capacities (C10) between 50 Ah and 150 Ah and 2 volt single cells with capacities (C10) between 50 Ah and 2200 Ah.

- Antimony and calcium free alloys that support deep discharges and high cycles, minimize water consumption and require lower float voltage than conventional alloys.

- Anti-flame vent plugs designed to allow temperature and density metering without removing plugs.

- Impact and flame resistant SAN covers.

- Impact and flame resistant transparent SAN containers to facilitate visual maintenance inspection of batteries.

- Plate stands that allow the group to suspend and leave rooms for sediments.

- Flexible high conductivity connectors that facilitate installation and maintenance.

- Average life of 20 years.